Podcast on asthma guidelines

9 May, 08 | by BMJ Group

Professor Howard Bauchner, Editor of Archives in Diseases of Childhood writes -
We are delighted to offer you our first podcast. Harry Baumer, a consultant paediatrician from Plymouth, UK who writes about guidelines for ADC, and Ian Balfour-Lynn, a consultant in paediatric respiratory medicine at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and an ADC associate editor, discuss the new asthma guidelines from both the British Thoracic Society and the National Institute of Health. In the podcast they discuss:
1. Use of inhaled cortical steroids (ICS) in infants
2. What are the side effects of ICS?
3. Are long-acting beta agonists safe in children?
4. What are the differences between the NIH and BTS recommendation regarding environmental approaches to asthma?

Short version (18 minutes) -

Long version (28 minutes) -